The Singapore Machine
Jun. 01, 2007 ] 05:18 PM
After a horrific week, and after talking to various people, I have come to a conclusion that the crush I have on the Smoking Man and the fall-out over the Beau are intricately intertwined.

To let go of both, will finally mean that I can disengage myself from the spectre of failure, heartbreak, fear and anger that has hovered over me for so long. I should be able to move on. I will be able to move on. I'm sorry if this entry confuses most people, but I guess the tone of it conveys the confusion that I am feeling right now.

Gosh, I'm 27 and still hung up. It's terrible.

On an unsettling thought, the longer I stay at my current job, the more my English degenerates, and the more my mental faculties become sheep-like. And after a lengthy conversation on the Smoking Man with the Lady, I suddenly ejaculated, "Oh my god. If I marry the Marshmallow Man, I would be fully assimilated into the Singapore Machine." Which goes to show that sometimes, even under the most trying of circumstances, some humour can still be found.

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