The Sobriquets
Dec. 25, 2003 ] 9:13 PM
Life is a journey. I don't know the origin of that metaphor, but I do know that everyone I meet has something to teach me. Some lessons I would rather do without, but we seldom get to make that sort of choices. Just go with the flow. (Revised 10 November 2006)


  • Brat / baby sister ] Self-explanatory.
  • Dad ] Self-explanatory.
  • Jingle / Belle ]
  • Lady of the Lake / The Lady ] See Multiple.
  • Marshmallow Man ] "And love makes fools of us all."
  • Mom ] Self-explanatory.
  • Panther ] From "Pursuit" (Sylvia Plath). "He prowls more lordly than the sun./ Most soft, most suavely glides that step".
Dark Summer
  • Beau; Bf ] Boyfriend Number Two. "And that is how this summer love is going to be. I will always associate it with the last dying summer I had in Australia. Ugly and depressing. Struggling to live. Everything pretty is tainted with dust and heat." Also see Paladin .
  • Captain; BF ] Boyfriend Number One. From "Passing Fancies". "No, let us both quit this feckless battle,/ Of careless whims and selfless fantasies."
A Careless Spring
  • Beatnik ] "Ah.... to be seventeen again."
  • Hamlet ] "... the memories of happy idyllic days spent drinking coffee and discussing poetry and life"
  • Lips ] "Lips is so good at the game that he was banned from playing in one of the shops because no one would believe that he wasn't cheating."
  • The Lost One ] "The Lost One and the bouts of anime we endured in his small, stuffy room. The trek to get pizza."
  • Sweet Teeth ] "... the old group of Hamlet, The Lost One, Strawberry, Capt and me."
  • Multiple ] See Lady of the Lake "Nodding in encouragment, or foolhardy naviety, at all they claim to do and generally looked blissful and out of this world (read: possibly on drugs as Multiple puts it succintly)."
  • Paladin ] "Sometimes I kick myself mentally for sitting down and chatting to the poor betrodden looking fellow in the courtyard so long ago. " Also see Beau.
  • Peach ] "Sometimes I wish I can just say all that to her and not coddle her so much and mumble what she wants to hear."
  • Princess ] "And I always had the niggling suspicion that she viewed me the way I view Strawberry. Tolerated but not liked. "
  • Medusa ] "... bold and brassy"
  • Strawberry ] "... the old group of Hamlet, The Lost One, Strawberry, Capt and me."
  • Sassy ] "Sassy wrote to me after almost a year and a half to tell me that she just graduated from NTU, lost a boyfriend, found a new one and is going off to UK to read law."
Autumn Leaves
  • Fatboy ] "Speaking of that entity; Fatboy kept hitting me on the head with his book. He was aggravating the migraine I already had."
  • Scarecrow ] "Scarecrow and I clowned around while waiting for Paladin because we had agreed to go to the LAN shop in Chinatown earlier on."
  • Mage ] "They play from sunset to sunrise. And it is with sick fascination that I watch Mage go glassy-eyed and fall into a trance just frantically clicking away on the mouse."
  • Boy ] "I shall call Boy because of his cute round cheeks and boyish face) ..."
  • Chirpy ] "Charm is highly under-estimated in the aesthetic stakes. And combined with pleasant features, we have a winner folks!"
  • Cixi ] "Oh and in the middle of the year we had this Rubenesque girl whom I shall call the Dowager Empress CiXi, because she reminds me of some of the portraits drawn of the grandmother of the last emperor of China when she was young."
  • Eye-Candy ] "I think I shall call her Eye-Candy, (at the risk of labelling myself one of those people who reduce people to sex objects)..."
  • Fingers ]
  • Jester ]
  • Penthesilea ]
  • The Matched Dolls ]
  • The Sweethearts ]
  • Tar Baby ]
  • Zynosure ]
wax ] wane